Life-Saving Hacks

Life-Saving Hacks

( – There are hundreds of hacks that make our everyday lives easier. Some of them could even save a person’s life. Of course, knowing of these hacks is only half the battle; you also need to know how to use them.

The first hack comes in handy when you need to clean water. Take two containers, one full of mucky water and the other empty and clean. Take a clean piece of cloth and run it from the dirty water to the empty container. After a while, you’ll have visibly clean water. However, you still need to boil this “clean” water as this method doesn’t get rid of any parasites or bacteria.

Getting lost in the wilderness is troublesome, especially if you forgot your compass at home. Have no fear, there’s a simple way you can find your direction using a needle, leaf and some water. Simply place the leaf on the water, rub the needle on your pant leg or sleeve in a single direction for about 100 strokes and place it on the leaf. The needle will point in the direction of north.

Need an emergency light source? No worries; simply take an empty soda can and fill it halfway with olive oil. Take a paper towel and roll it up, placing it into the can and oil. Let the towel soak up some oil and light the top of it. This will provide you with a light source that will last a few hours.

Life hacks make everyday problems easier for us to handle. Regardless of the situation, it’s important to have the skills to get you through. Check out these survival tips and tricks and give yourself a better chance at survival.

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