DIY Emergency Gas Mask

DIY Emergency Gas Mask

( – Why would you need an emergency gas mask? Well, why do you need an emergency anything? For emergencies, of course! You never know when something might happen that may require a certain item or tool. A gas mask might seem extreme, but it could end up being a lifesaver in an emergency.

Can’t I Just Buy One?

Of course you can. There’s an abundance of them on the Internet and in military surplus stores. They work very well, as they should. However, they are also pretty expensive, require routine maintenance, and you may not be allowed to carry them everywhere you go.

Why Do I Need One?

As stated previously, you never know when an emergency is going to occur, so it’s better safe than sorry. A gas mask is designed to keep gas out of your lungs, eyes and other mucous membranes. However, gas isn’t the only substance a gas mask will prevent from entering your body. Any inhalant can be filtered with a gas mask. So, if you find yourself in the middle of a riot, it might be ideal to get to your mask in case tear gas is deployed.

Even a natural gas line breaking and leaking into the surrounding area can prompt the need for a gas mask. Natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions can expel toxic gases and ash into the air; having a gas mask can protect you from these toxic particles as well.

How to Make a Simple Mask

Making your own gas mask is cost effective, and if need be, you can do it on the run. There are a few options when it comes to creating your own. The first is so simple anyone could do it, and that’s simply to tear and layer a T-shirt; use the bulk of it to cover your mouth and nose while tying it behind your head with the torn strips. Dampening the cloth may boost the effectiveness.

The next option is more to cover your eyes and should be combined with the T-shirt method or another way to cover your mouth and nose. A quality pair of swim goggles can keep you from losing your vision during a fire or any situation where particles may get into your eyes. To combat tear gas, use the swim goggles in combination with a cider vinegar-soaked bandana or cloth to cover your face until you’re in clean air.

Make a More Effective Gas Mask

A more complex DIY gas mask that’s still simple to build is the soda bottle gas mask. The tools you’ll need to construct a soda bottle mask include: a sharp cutting utensil, a Sharpie (or permanent marker), 2-liter bottle, rubberized foam insulation at least 1-inch thick and an N95 mask. It’ll take you about 15 minutes to complete the mask, and you’ll spend a fraction of the cost that you would on a gas mask.

To start, clean and remove the labels from the 2-liter bottle. Next, draw a U-shape on the bottle that’s about the size of your face. You’ll need to cut the bottom of the bottle along with the U-shape; for this step, it’s best to cut the shape smaller than your face and trim until the fit is snug.

Next, use the foam insulation to seal the sides of the mask. You also need to make a circle of foam insulation about 2 inches from the spout for the resting place of the filter — in this case, an N95 mask. Now, you’ll need to carefully cut the N95 mask, leaving just enough to keep it sealed. Place it at the bottom of your mask with the filter pointing down and out of the spout. Take the N95 mask’s elastic bands and use them to secure the mask firmly on your face.

While a gas mask may seem unnecessary, it’s actually an important part of a prepper’s gear. Of course, military and other quality gas masks are likely better than your homemade one, but surviving is all about using what you have available. If your gas mask is enough to get you through, then that’s good enough. Plus, who doesn’t like to save money?

Preparing for worst-case scenarios takes time, not only to plan but to also gather the supplies. Check out what you can do if you’re caught off guard and have to do some last minute prepping.

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