Creating a Long-Lasting Torch

Creating a Long-Lasting Torch

( – SHTF! You are half a day away from your rendezvous point, kids are tired and hungry, your wife is complaining about the blisters on her feet, darkness is setting in quickly — and the clearing up ahead beckons to you.

As the wife gets the campfire going to make a quick meal and you set up the tents, it hits you: You forgot to put the cloth in the oil container at the last stop. Time to make a quick torch and remedy tonight’s error before tomorrow night.

Quick Torches

For a quick torch needed in haste, simply find a long, yet thick enough branch that you can split in half near the end. Find some dry bark, insert it in the split end of the branch and light it. Birch works really well for this, and if you’re near any dried cottonwood, wrapping it around the bark will help to ensure the bark catches.

If dry bark isn’t an option, the following video may help:

Long-Lasting Torches

A long-lasting torch will not only put off more light, but it will also emit heat, which may be helpful if the evenings are chilly. Use strips of cloth, preferably fabrics that don’t like to burn — fiberglass and Kevlar are great examples. Soak them in a fuel, preferably one that’s not highly flammable, such as vegetable oil, for a few hours. Wrap them around the top of a “green” stick or branch and secure them with some type of wire.

Light the end, and now you have a long-lasting torch, so you can tend to your blisters and be back on your way to the survival camp in the morning.

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