US Forces Aim to Keep Peace in Afghanistan

US Forces Aim to Keep Peace in Afghanistan

( – US forces launched a targeted strike in Afghanistan amid heightened tension in the region. The United States Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) works alongside Afghanistan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) to maintain peace under the recent US-Taliban Agreement.

On October 25th, Taliban forces attacked ANDSF troops, prompting the targeted strike by the USFOR-A. Controversy quickly erupted, with the Taliban accusing the United States of violating the agreement. USFOR-A spokesman, Colonel Sonny Legget, posted a tweet stating the USFOR-A conducted the strike in defense of ANDSF troops. Col. Legget added the strike complied with the US-TB agreement and denied allegations the strike resulted in innocent Afghans’ death.

It’s unclear what may happen after the dust settles. Whatever happens, let’s hope it doesn’t disrupt recent progress made by the Trump administration in the Middle East. Keeping peace in Afghanistan is a crucial part of obtaining harmony in the Middle East.

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