Trump Slams Turkey For Testing

Trump Slams Turkey For Testing

( – Relations between the United States and Turkey hit a low point in the wake of Turkey’s decision to test a Russian-made weapon system. Trump administration officials quickly fired back at Turkey’s leadership, denouncing the country’s actions.

Of paramount concern is the possibility that Turkey could use the system to collect data on the American-manufactured F-35 stealth fighter, setting up the chance that information could fall into Russian hands.

Maintaining a security relationship between the US and Turkey has been a crucial part of the NATO military alliance for 70 years. However, Turkey damaged that already tense relationship by deciding to test the Russian-made S-400 air defense system. Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, confirmed his country tested the system, defiantly shooting back, “we aren’t going to ask America.”

Jonathon Hoffman, a top spokesman for the Pentagon, condemned Turkey’s actions in the “strongest possible terms” on behalf of the US Department of Defense. Hoffman added the US has been clear regarding its position that an operational S-400 system violates agreements between Turkey, the US, and other NATO allies.

Despite the cordial nature of Russia-US relations, Russia remains an adversary of the US. It has already attacked research that’s vital to the coronavirus pandemic. Check out how they put the US military on edge, and you’ll see why the US continues to keep Russia at arm’s length.

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