Survival Tips

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Disturbing “Home Invasion” Nearly Kills Sleeping Woman

( – The whole idea behind embracing a survival mindset is to prepare for the unknown and the unexpected. Unfortunately, sometimes the emergencies that arise are nearly impossible to prepare for. Take, for instance, the sky falling — literally. This is exactly what happened to a woman in British Columbia when a close call with […]

“Civil War” Goes Viral Following Trump Rally

( – The political divide between the far-right and far-left seems to be reaching a boiling point. While there has always been strife between those on opposing sides of political extremes, recent comments from an attendee at Trump’s Iowa rally on Saturday sparked an unsettling trend on Twitter. Reporting from the Trump Rally, in Iowa. […]

Freak Blizzard Leaves Dozens In Dire Situation

( – Survival situations rarely spring up when people are expecting them, especially when Mother Nature is involved. Freak storms can strike without warning, putting lives and property in danger. More than 80 runners in an ultramarathon race in Utah learned this the hard way on Saturday. Almost 90 runners rescued during 50-mile Utah ultramarathon […]

Serial Killer Outwitted By Fake Profile

( – Criminals will use any tool at their disposal to identify an unsuspecting target. This includes stalking the internet for their next victims. For a serial killer in New Jersey, his hunting grounds of choice — social media and dating apps — were turned against him by some clever friends of a victim. A […]

Woman Suffers Serious Injuries Trying to Save Family Pet

( – Yellowstone National Park is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and vacationers alike. In 2020 alone, over 3.8 million visitors ventured into the captivating landscape for recreation. Unfortunately for one woman, a recent trip to the park ended in disaster. Yellowstone National Park visitor significantly burned after following dog into hot spring. This […]

How to Identify a Fake Police Officer

How to Identify a Fake Police Officer
( – There seems to be no low criminals won’t sink to in order to take advantage of an unwary victim. This includes impersonating a police officer to use the power and authority they have over others. The threat of being arrested is enough to put anyone on edge, and make them more compliant. Crafty […]

Little Girl Dies After Unusual Snake Bite

( – Snakebites are a serious danger around the world. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s estimated that 5.4 million people are bitten by snakes each year. Of those bitten, roughly 100,000 or more die due to the bite. Unfortunately, one little girl has joined this statistic under bizarre circumstances. Most […]

How To Choose The Right Clothing For Survival

Survival Clothing
(Modern – Each day when you venture out into the world, your first line of defense against any unforeseen emergency is the clothing you’re wearing. Your clothes shield you from the elements. They also help determine how much attention you draw to yourself as you go about your day. For these reasons, the attire […]

Emergency Water Sources Hidden at Home

(Modern – In the event of a major emergency, such as a natural disaster, there is a good chance that local water supplies could become contaminated — or shut down entirely. Knowing where to find sources of water in these circumstances can be the difference between life and death in a true survival situation. […]

UN Warned of Global Supply Chain Collapse

( – Workers on the front line of the global supply chain have had a rough couple of years. While attempting to keep the world running, they’ve been forced to tackle quarantines, COVID testing, travel restrictions, and now, vaccine mandates. The constant stress and chaos have taken their toll, bringing the world precariously close to […]

Details Emerge After Fatal Train Incident

( – An Amtrak passenger train derailed over the weekend in Montana, killing three people. Investigators believe the event may have thrown some of the passengers out of the train as it derailed. Amtrak train was going just under speed limit at time of fatal derailment in Montana — New York Post (@nypost) […]

FBI Reports Largest Increase of Homicides on Record

( – Since 1930, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has used the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program to gather information to formulate statistics. This information is then released for public use. On Monday, the FBI released the new Uniform Crime Report for 2020 — and it doesn’t look good. FBI data released Monday in […]

How to Sanitize a Mobile Phone

Dirty phone
(Modern – Most people touch their mobile phones more often than any other item each day. The problem is that as they go about their day, all of that interaction tends to leave traces of the environment behind on their devices. From germs to fecal matter, the lingering contaminants on touchscreens could be quite […]

Important Information About “Deer Warts”

(Modern – You’re out hunting when you spot a deer and take your shot. After tracking the animal down to its final resting place, to your horror, you find it has many strange wart-like growths. Aside from being disturbing to look at, the condition commonly known as “deer warts” can make anyone question eating […]

Missing Man Found After More Than Half a Century

Unusual Tales of Missing Hunters
( – In 1968, Raymond Jones was bow hunting for mountain goats in Lemhi County, Idaho. Despite being out with a group of other hunters, Jones decided to head off on his own, at which point he disappeared. Despite a large search and rescue operation, including the use of planes, Jones was never found. The […]

Unseen Dangers of the Labor Shortage

( – Many businesses in America are facing a serious issue as customers begin to surge back: a shortage of workers. From major corporations to small businesses, the lack of laborers to fill critical roles is beginning to force companies to cut back hours of operation, or even close their doors altogether. Companies that are […]

Armed Gunman Kills At Least 6, Injures Many More

( – On Monday, an armed gunman went on a shooting spree at Perm State University in Russia. Chaos erupted on the campus as students attempted to barricade themselves in classrooms. Some even jumped from second-story windows in an attempt to escape. BREAKING: Gunman has opened fire at Perm University in Russia, shooting has reportedly […]

Trouble in Paradise Leaves 7 With Serious Injuries

( – Waikiki Beach is a popular tourist destination, lined with high-rise hotels and carrying a reputation for being an amazing surfing spot. Unfortunately for seven people, an unexpected emergency fell into their laps – literally. Hilton Hawaiian Village. 7 people injured, 4 in serious condition after large banyan tree falls down pathway near pool. […]

Improvising Survival Weapons

( – In the aftermath of a large-scale disaster, the need for protection will skyrocket. Looters will be rampant, and people with nefarious intentions will be unleashed without the threat of law enforcement to stop them. While a firearm is the best protection one could have in a survival situation, there are many ways it […]

Make a Fire By Rubbing Sticks

(Modern – Most people know that you can create fire by rubbing sticks together, but very few know how to do it. It isn’t as simple as just grabbing two random pieces of wood and grinding away with them. In fact, nearly anyone who has tried to make a fire by rubbing sticks together […]

Safety Tips for On the Road

( – For most people, going to work or the store requires getting behind the steering wheel of an automobile. This time in the car is often filled with music, podcasts, or even talking on the phone as they cruise to their destinations. Unfortunately, as statistics show, too many drivers don’t take their time on […]

Rescuers Make Heartbreaking Discoveries As Power Comes Back Online

( – Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc across the nation, from Louisiana to New York. The storm claimed dozens of lives and caused billions of dollars worth of property damage. Now, investigators are finding that in some areas, the aftermath did more damage than the hurricane itself. BREAKING: Hurricane Ida’s death toll in Louisiana has risen […]

North Korea Successfully Launches Long-Range Missiles

( – Thanks to former President Donald Trump, North Korea shelved its long-range missile testing for two years. Unfortunately, those days are gone, and the Stalinist country appears to be back to launching missiles. North Korea says it has conducted successful tests of what it calls a 'strategic' cruise missile, which analysts believe could carry […]

Locals Left to Fend For Themselves as Hospital Workers Walk Out

( – Despite repeatedly stating he wouldn’t impose vaccine mandates on the nation, on September 9, President Joe Biden went back on his word. Under his new rule, roughly 100 million American workers will be forced to get vaccinated or face weekly COVID testing. Many of those who are opposed to forced mandates have other […]

Prepare Now: Keep Rioters OUT

(Modern – Civil unrest has become a big problem in America. According to some estimates, the cost of property damage from the rioting in 2020 was roughly two billion dollars. That total doesn’t include medical bills from those injured, or funeral costs from those who lost their lives. Should the streets fill with angry […]

Disaster Strikes: Places to Avoid

( – Disaster can strike in any number of ways, from natural events such as earthquakes or tornadoes to man-made events like civil unrest or even war. Regardless of the root cause of the disaster, there are some specific places that should be avoided following a large-scale emergency event. In the following video, City Prepping […]

Don’t Leave Home Wearing These

( – During the summer months, wearing flip flops and sandals becomes a norm. These choices of footwear are comfortable and help a person stay cool when temperatures begin to rise. Unfortunately, these items are also dangerous. Here’s why. Is Footwear Really That Important for Survival? Yes, what a person decides to wear on their […]

Evacuees Ordered To Stay Away From Battered Cities

( – Hurricane Ida left a path of devastation throughout the United States. Many people in Louisiana chose to evacuate ahead of the storm, seeking safety further inland. Now, they’ve been told not to come home. As the state continues to grapple with power outages that are affecting hundreds of thousands of residents, Gov. John […]

Deadly Virus Outbreak – It’s Worse Than COVID

( – Following the United States, India has seen the highest recorded death toll from the coronavirus pandemic. Over 441,000 lives have been lost to the virus there. If that wasn’t bad enough, a new virus has reared its ugly head, and it’s more deadly than COVID-19. India fighting to contain Nipah, a virus deadlier […]

Shark Attack Claims Life of Expectant Father

How to survive a shark attack
( – The ocean is an inviting environment full of wonder and joy, one that people flock to every summer. Unfortunately, when humans leave the land to enjoy some time among the waves, they are entering the domain of the denizens of the deep — including sharks. While the threat of being bitten by a […]