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Are You Really Prepared for Winter Driving?

Are You Really Prepared for Winter Driving?
( – When the world outside begins to look like Narnia or the North Pole, one may want to curl up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy the view. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option. Real life forces many to brave the weather — and the adverse road conditions that […]

Seasoning Cast Iron

( – Cast iron cookware is popular among preppers, and with good reason. It’s heavy-duty, it requires little maintenance (when cared for properly) and food cooked in it tends to taste better. While cast iron is durable, it is also fragile if not seasoned. For example, one drop of water left for a short period […]

Threats To Prep For in 2022

( – The last two years have been rough, to say the very least. From the coronavirus pandemic and supply chain chaos to civil unrest and natural disasters, life has been far from normal. With a new year upon us, one has to wonder: “What’s next?” To answer this question, here is a list of […]

Christmas Eve Avalanche Claims Life of Skier

( – Christmas Eve was bleak this year for the family of a backwoods skier. The as-yet-unidentified man was enjoying the winter weather with a friend when tragedy struck. An avalanche broke in South Diamond Peak, near Cameron Pass in Colorado on December 24, fully burying the skier. The snow separation occurred at approximately three […]

Post-Holiday Tips To Protect Yourself

( – From the time spent preparing for festivities to actually entertaining family and guests, the holidays can really drain a person. Once the dust settles from all the gift-giving and merrymaking, it’s easy to overlook potential threats — especially when they come from activities as simple as taking the trash out. Don’t worry, though, […]

Christmas Safety Tips

(Modern – The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and giving thanks for the blessings of life. Unfortunately, for many people each year, the holidays end in disaster. The culprit? The very Christmas tree that was supposed to bring joy to the season. A live Christmas tree that has dried out […]

Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners
(Modern – Pets bring great joy and companionship to many people around the world. Having these furry friends in the home does come with added responsibilities, however, especially around the holidays. Do you know what steps to take to better protect your pets this holiday season? In the following video, 12 News provides safety […]

Keep a Fire Burning in the Snow

(Modern – Starting a fire on the snow isn’t any more difficult than starting any other survival fire. However, keeping the fire burning is harder. Once a fire is established, the underlying snow will begin to melt, extinguishing the embers. Before long, all that will be left is a pile of blackened, soggy wood. […]

Armed Homeowner Holds Burglar Hostage

( – As crime continues to soar across America, the seemingly never-ending cases of violence and robbery can become disheartening. In fact, after a while, one can become so overwhelmed with these stories that they simply begin to ignore them. Unfortunately, when that happens, people tend to let their guard down. Some people are still […]

How to Comfort Someone After They Lose Everything

( – With the tornadoes that tore through America’s heartland fresh on everyone’s mind, now is a good time to take a closer look at how a person can bring comfort to someone who just lost everything. Following a devastating loss, people can easily fall into despair, and saying or doing certain things may make […]

How to Survive a Volcanic Eruption

( – Volcanic eruptions may not be the most common natural disaster one needs to worry about, but they can definitely be one of the most destructive, depending on the size and location of the blast. With approximately 170 active volcanoes inside the continental United States, and roughly 1350 worldwide, it’s a good idea to […]

Family Hunting Trip Ends In Tragedy

( – Hunting is a yearly tradition for many families across the nation. While stalking game in the wild is generally safe, accidents do happen. On Saturday, November 27, such an accident claimed the life of an 11-year-old girl. An 11-year-old girl was killed after she was accidentally shot by her father while hunting in […]

Fight an Infection Naturally

( – In modern times, fighting an infection usually comes in the form of prescription antibiotics. While these modern medicines are great, those with a survivalist mindset know a time could come when such treatments will no longer be available. Unfortunately, in such an event, infections will pose an even greater threat. Avoid Getting Infections […]

Why You Should Stop Wearing Shoes In Your Home

( – Many cultures around the world have a practice of removing their shoes when entering a home. While this habit might seem strange to some, it may actually be a good idea — especially when one considers all of the gross places and things shoes encounter daily. You May Not Want to Know… Ever […]

How To Survive A Falling Elevator

( – Every day, millions of people use elevators to travel up and down through high rises, hospitals and office buildings. While an elevator’s most common safety threat is becoming stuck, there is a chance the elevator could go into free-fall, leading to a nasty crash on the ground floor. Thankfully, How to Survive has […]

Prepper Food: Canned vs. Dry

( – Food is one of the most important staples to include in a prepping stockpile. It’s essential to choose foods that can be stored long-term without spoiling. A common debate within survivalist circles is whether canned food or dry food is most appropriate for long-term storage. The truth is, both canned and dry foods […]

Is Prepping Good for Your Health?

( – The prepping lifestyle is meant to prepare a person to face an emergency situation and come out alive. Obviously, prepping will be good for one’s health in the event of an actual disaster, but what about in the meantime? Does the act of prepping create any benefit to a person’s physical and mental […]

Signs You Have Mold in Your Home

Signs You Have Mold in Your Home
( – Mold is commonly found in buildings, including homes. Growing in damp areas, such as around leaky pipes, windows and roofing, mold can cause some nasty health issues. So how does one protect themselves and their home from mold? Read on to find out. What’s the Deal With Black Mold? The term “black mold” […]

How to Prepare Your Family Against a Home Invasion

( – Home invasions most often occur when everyone is out of the house. That said, there are instances in which a burglar breaks into the home while an individual or family is inside. It’s essential to prepare for a potential invasion scenario in order to protect the family. The most important step is to […]

OPSEC: How To Keep Your Preps Safe

( – During World War II, the U.S. Office of War Information began distributing posters with the slogan “loose lips might sink ships”. These posters served as a public warning against careless talk that could be overheard by spies hidden within the U.S., then used against troops. Decades later, the slogan has been picked up […]

Basic Firearm Safety Rules Everyone Should Know

( – With so many examples of poor firearm safety in the news recently, now is a good time to cover some basic safety rules for firearms. In the following video from Brownells, Inc., Jeff Gonzales from Trident Concepts outlines four important gun safety rules: All guns are always loaded. Even if you know for […]

Are Loved Ones Liabilities?

Are Loved Ones Liabilities?
( – In the survivalist community, there is a lot of emphasis placed on keeping prepping on the down-low. Terms like “OPSEC” and “gray man” get tossed around a lot, leading many to believe that prepping needs to be a top-secret practice, hidden from friends and family alike. But is that really the case? Are […]

Safely Skidding on Ice

(Modern – What’s the Best Way to Handle Skidding on Ice? Hit the Brakes Go with the Skid Turn Away from the Skid Hit the Gas Answer: Go with the Skid. Here’s why… Millions of Americans take to the streets every day, driving to and from work or various other destinations. During the winter months, […]

Dangers of Cooking After a Disaster

( – When a large-scale disaster occurs, be it manmade or an act of nature, life gets turned upside down for everyone in the affected area. Oftentimes, the aftermath of these cataclysmic events is just as bad as (if not worse than) than the initial event. Water becomes contaminated, power goes out, and food begins […]

Heroic Man Ends Shooting Before It Begins

( – Often, the difference between life and death in a survival situation depends on split-second decisions. Taking too long to decide on a course of action leads to people getting hurt. Thankfully, a church congregation in Tennessee is blessed with a quick-thinking pastor. Police said the suspect was sitting toward the front of the […]

New Research Suggests US Tap Water Hiding Dangerous Secrets

( – When it comes to survival, few things are as crucial as clean, drinkable water. In as few as three days, a person can die without it. This is precisely why survival sites, magazines, and shows cover the topic relentlessly. Clean water is vital to one’s survival. For those who never venture out into […]

CDC Issues Warning Over Scary Costume Accessory

( – For many Americans, Halloween is a joyful holiday marked by spooky costumes, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating with children. While partiers may feel the effects of a long night the next day, a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says some may experience more than just a hangover. Your costume […]

How to Survive an Active Shooter Scenario

( – No one expects to be in a situation where an armed gunman is attempting to kill them. However, the news shows us, time and time again, that active shooter events are becoming more common. It’s critically important to learn how to handle the situation now, before one finds themselves staring down the barrel […]

Deadly Mistakes Made on the Trail

( – Nature is a wonderland of gorgeous views and exciting locations to explore. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people head out on the trails to enjoy time in the wild. Unfortunately, not all of them are adequately prepared for the potential dangers they may face — and some don’t make it out alive. To […]

Everyday Carry For Self Defense

( – Violent crime has always been a serious threat to personal safety. In bygone times, warriors used swords and axes to defend against those who would seek to harm them or others. While the days of carrying a sword for self-defense may be gone, the need to defend oneself hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, […]