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US Government Set to Distribute Millions of N95 Masks

( – On January 14, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their guidelines for COVID prevention. According to the update, certain types of masks and respirators work better at stopping the virus — something preppers have pointed out since the beginning of the pandemic. As preppers have said all along, the […]

Judge Facing Massive Backlash After Losing It on Cancer Patient

( – Anyone who has battled cancer, or knows someone who has, can tell you how horrific the treatments are. They leave a person drained, sick, and weak. While most people would be understanding of the limitations one would suffer while fighting for their life against this disease, a Judge in Michigan was recently unmoved […]

Survey Results Reveal How Far America Has Fallen

( – It’s no secret that America is divided over the coronavirus vaccine. Many are wary of the treatment. Others claim it’s the only way to stop the spread of COVID. A recent survey from the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports, however, reveals just how far some Americans are willing to go in order to […]

Underwater Volcano Puts World On Notice

( – On Saturday, January 15, 2022, the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano in the South Pacific erupted beneath the waves. The explosion was so massive that people in the United States reported hearing the blast, and the 19-mile-high ash cloud was visible from space. Following the eruption and resulting tsunami, communication with the island nation […]

U.S. Army Getting Futuristic Upgrade

( – As technology advances, weapons of war become more and more akin to something one would expect to see in a science fiction movie. To prepare to face the threats of tomorrow, the United States Army is outfitting soldiers with a new weapons system, known as the “Guardian.” The first set of Stryker combat vehicles […]

Miami Couple Allegedly Kidnaps and Tortures Man

( – One can never be too careful when meeting strangers. While the majority of people are “good,” there are more than a few out there who have little to no regard for their fellow human beings. Recently, a man in Florida found this out the hard way. Police said the pair forced the victim […]

Is the U.S. Government Preparing for a Civil War?

( – The political divide in America is undeniable. Each side views the other with a growing level of disdain, and neither seems willing to compromise. Rather than trying to calm the situation down, the government is pouring fuel on the fire. US Army to conduct a two-week 'guerilla war' training exercise via @MailOnline […]

Good Samaritan Saves 3 Children From Icy Death

( – Winter is a magical time for children. From frolicking in the snow to sliding around on ice, kids love playing in the cold. For three young ones in Denver, however, their outdoor adventure nearly killed them Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, a good Samaritan quickly sprang into action. Dusti Talavera saved three children who fell […]

Crisis in America: Red Cross Issues Dire Warning

( – The medical field in America is in trouble. After two years of being battered by COVID-19, hospitals across the country are struggling. As if that wasn’t bad enough, vaccine mandates are pushing medical professionals out of the field, leaving the industry understaffed. Now, the Red Cross is warning of a new crisis that’s […]

Empty Stores Spark #BareShelvesBiden Trend on Twitter

( – Across the nation, distraught Americans are recording their attempts to purchase groceries and posting the results on Twitter. With barren stores becoming the new normal, people are venting their frustrations online. Pictures of empty shelves are trending, along with a new hashtag that is sure to haunt President Biden. #BareShelvesBiden is the laughing […]

Canyon Collapse Kills at Least 10

( – No matter how much a person prepares for an emergency, sometimes Mother Nature takes a swing that’s impossible to dodge. For tourists enjoying a scenic boat ride on Lake Furnas in Brazil on Saturday, this fact became a terrifying reality. ALERT 🚨 At least two people are reportedly dead and several others injured […]

How to Escape Duct Tape Bindings

( – Duct tape. It’s cheap and has a thousand and one uses. It’s one of those items that many survivalists stockpile. Unfortunately, duct tape is also used by criminals as a way to restrain their victims. From kidnappings to hostage situations, duct tape is a well-known binding tool. Being bound in duct tape restraints can […]

Navy Captain Makes History

( – The United States Navy has a long and storied history. Created by Congress in 1798, the Department of the Navy has been instrumental in nearly every war the U.S. has fought. After over 200 years in existence, it’s hard to believe there is much left that this military branch hasn’t done. A recent […]

12 Dead in Philadelphia Inferno

( – Each year, roughly 350,000 house fires occur within the United States. These emergencies claim the lives of nearly 3,000 people and injure over 11,000 more. On Wednesday, January 5, 12 lives were added to the list, including 8 children, all lost inside a raging inferno. — Philadelphia Fire (@PhillyFireDept) January 5, 2022 […]

Lost Teenagers Rescued From Mountain Thanks to Smart Thinking

( – When most people think about going on a camping trip, usually it’s during warmer weather, when temperatures are higher than freezing and one can hike and fish in comfort. For the more adventurous, winter camping is a way to get out and enjoy nature despite the biting cold and snow on the ground. […]

Hundreds Stranded in Winter Storm Catastrophe

( – Winter storms should never be taken lightly. They strike hard and fast, turning roads into icy nightmares and often cutting power to homes. This is why preparing for a storm to strike is so important — because getting caught unprepared can have disastrous results. Just ask any of the hundreds of motorists stranded […]

Freak Accident Leaves 5-Year-Old Dead

( – Mother Nature is on a rampage. In 2021, the nation was struck by everything from hurricanes to widespread droughts. So far in 2022, the strange weather is keeping pace. In Colorado, blizzard conditions recently left half the state under snow, while the other half tackled a raging inferno. Early Monday morning, a combination […]

Far Left Mayor Demands Removal of WWII Mural

( – The second World War cost countless American lives. From the fields of Europe to the Pacific front, WWII was a brutal fight that saw Allied forces conquer the fascist Axis powers. To honor the struggle, an Oregon businessman commissioned a mural of the flag-raising following the battle of Iwo Jima. Unfortunately, it seems […]

Mother Chases Off Obscene Home Invader

( – The threat of home invasion is very real. However, one tends to expect the invader to at least be clothed when they break in. To one mother’s horror, the man who chose to invade her home was fully nude… save for a pair of her daughter’s shoes. What is becoming to our society? […]

Amazon’s Alexa Tells Child to Take Deadly Challenge

( – Many people have chosen to make Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, a part of their home. The tool allows users to control a variety of other technological devices around the house, and even ask it questions which it answers by searching the internet. To one mother’s horror, Alexa answered such a question from her […]

Hundreds of Thousands of Chickens Killed Over Bird Flu Outbreak

( – While the world is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, a new threat is rising. In Israel, thousands of birds have died due to an outbreak of bird flu. Thousands of cranes have been killed by a bird flu outbreak in Israel. It's the biggest wildlife disaster in the country's history. — DW […]

China Caught Working On Terrifying New Weapons

( – Warfare has evolved over the course of human existence. From stone weapons and slingshots to tanks and intercontinental missiles, the battlefields of today keep edging closer and closer to something one would expect to see in a sci-fi movie. In fact, it appears as though China is bringing some unimaginable — and terrifying […]

Christmas Eve Avalanche Claims Life of Skier

( – Christmas Eve was bleak this year for the family of a backwoods skier. The as-yet-unidentified man was enjoying the winter weather with a friend when tragedy struck. An avalanche broke in South Diamond Peak, near Cameron Pass in Colorado on December 24, fully burying the skier. The snow separation occurred at approximately three […]

A Christmas Miracle? Joe Biden Thanks Donald Trump

( – For those who follow the political landscape in the United States, the massive divide between the left and right is well known. The animosity between Republicans and Democrats extends all the way to the top, as the constant jabs between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump highlight. Earlier this week, however, […]

Two Arrested After Brawl Erupts At International Airport

( – Traveling for the holidays is notoriously stressful. With airports packed full of people, flights being delayed, and the pandemic still looming overhead, it’s really no surprise that travel is especially infuriating right now. What happened in Miami International Airport Monday night, however, has left the nation in a state of disbelief. Meanwhile at […]

Family Saved From House Fire By Santa Claus… Seriously

( – Around the country, Santa likes to joyride on fire engines to wave at children and spread Christmas cheer as the holidays approach. While these tours generally consist of tree-lighting and gift-giving, one trip saw Santa saving lives. In what many may call a holiday miracle, jolly ol’ Saint Nick came to the rescue […]

How to Stop Porch Pirates From Ruining the Holidays

( – Prior to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, online shopping was already on the rise. After the pandemic hit, however, this convenient way of purchasing goods from home saw a massive spike. While having products delivered straight to the door saves a trip to the store, it also provides the perfect opportunity for […]

Man Survives Otter-ly Ridiculous Attack

( – Animal attacks are more common than one may realize. From dog bites to bear maulings, millions of people are injured by animals each year. That said, there are some animals that are far more likely to attack a human than others, and some that one would never expect to become violent. Somewhere near […]

Scientists Sound Alarm Over “Doomsday Glacier”

( – One of the many reasons preppers decide to embrace the survivalist mentality is the threat of catastrophic changes to the earth. While a great deal of the population scoffs at the idea that life as we know it could suddenly change for the worse, scientists are raising red flags over a situation developing […]

Armed Homeowner Holds Burglar Hostage

( – As crime continues to soar across America, the seemingly never-ending cases of violence and robbery can become disheartening. In fact, after a while, one can become so overwhelmed with these stories that they simply begin to ignore them. Unfortunately, when that happens, people tend to let their guard down. Some people are still […]