Lighting Your Home off the Grid

Lighting Your Home off the Grid

( – We humans weren’t given the ability to see well in dark areas, so we need light sources to see sufficiently at night. Fortunately, we’ve developed technology that allows us to make the most of dark situations, and some options even spare us the need to stay on the grid. Check out these ways to light your home without paying the utility companies.

You can light your home in a number of ways without relying on a power grid. One of these ways is to use candles. Yes, it’s a super-old method, but it works and even provides your home with some heat.

Another way is to go solar. Solar power is amazing, but to implement an actual solar power system requires a hefty investment. However, you can still utilize the power of the sun without breaking your bank. Use outdoor solar lights to light your home. Let them charge during the day and bring them in when it starts getting dark.

Another oldie but goodie is oil lamps. We’ve used oil lamps for centuries as both light and heat sources. A downfall to using oil lamps is, of course, the need for the lamp oil. You could stock up, but do so carefully to avoid your house becoming a raging inferno.

Living off the grid is a great way to stick it to the man. However, there are some downfalls to the off-grid life. One of those is being able to stay cool during the hotter months of the year. Check out how to keep your cool and live comfortably when the temperature goes up.

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