FDA Considers Emergency Authorization Of COVID Vaccine

(Survival Daily) – Vaccine trials usually happen in four phases. In the first, trial vaccines are given to very small test groups. During the second, clinical trials are expanded to include individuals that closely resemble the group of people for whom the vaccine is being developed.

Then comes the third phase, where the trial group is expanded to include thousands of people. It is in this phase that the most comprehensive safety and efficacy studies take place. The fourth phase consists of ongoing testing.

So what happens if the FDA decides a drug manufacturer can skip the third phase? Simply put, we become human guinea pigs.

According to LifeSiteNews, that’s exactly what the FDA is considering for the new COVID-19 vaccine. Should the FDA decide the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks, they will issue what is called an “emergency authorization” to allow faster production and distribution.

Some are concerned about the implications of allowing a vaccine to be administered without the proper clinical trials. Others are hanging their hat on the idea that only 6% of COVID deaths involved individuals who did not also have underlying conditions, or co-morbidities.

Either way, an emergency use authorization means an improperly tested vaccine could be rushed to market.

But at what cost? Stay tuned for developing updates on the track of the new COVID vaccine.

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